Truth Or Dare Game

Your search is over as THIS is the ultimate truth or dare game! It’s packed with daring built in truth questions, crazy dare challenges and full of ultimate features that you’ll love; so download it now and get your game face on as it’s time to play!

Don’t like the built in truths and dares? No problem – they are fully customizable! You can view, add to and remove them to create your own unique game making it as child friendly, teenager friendly or adult friendly as you want! They are written in English but you could add new ones in any language you wish!

Do you want to make the game more of a challenge by adding a game time which the truth questions have to be answered by and the dare challenges completed by? We’ve got this covered – you can set a customizable game time from 20 to 200 seconds to make the players really break a sweat!

How about keeping score of who’s completed the most truths and dares so you can find out who’s the bravest player? We’ve got this covered – there’s a leaderboard which shows how many turns each player has had and how many points they have scored (questions answered and challenges completed).

Do you want to play with all your friends or family no matter how many? No problem – you can add an unlimited number of players! Just keep adding your friends and family’s names or nicknames to play! If someone shows up late to the party they can join in too – just add their name or nickname to the leaderboard anytime during the game!

Feature Roundup:

● PACKED with built in daring truth questions and crazy dare challenges!

● CUSTOMIZE the built in truths and dares – view, add, edit or remove them to make them as clean or dirty as you want! Also, add as many custom categories of truths and dares as you want!

● SCORE POINTS for answering questions and completing challenges!

● LEADERBOARD with a score counter and a turn counter to find out who’s the bravest and best player!

● GAME TIMER to set a custom time to answer questions and complete challenges by!

● UNLIMITED number of players – add as many player names or nicknames as you want!

● PLAY OFFLINE or online – this game requires no internet/WIFI connection or user account creation or login.

If you’ve not played a game of truth or dare before here’s a quick overview of the game (if you have then you can skip this paragraph). You’ll ideally need 2 or more players. Before play you need to enter each players name or nickname into the app. The game can then start by handing the device to the first player who has to choose to complete a truth or dare or a random app generated selection. The player will then be shown a truth question which they have to answer or a dare challenge which they have to perform. Failure to complete either results in the player not scoring a point. Play is then passed to the next player who then has to choose.

This is one of the best games ever, providing hours of fun and frolics for you and your friends and family! We’ve designed it to be as fun and user friendly as possible so players of all ages from kids to teenagers and adults can all play easily. It will have players revealing their best kept secrets along with twerking, burping, kissing, shouting, screaming and anything else you could possibly imagine! We’ve even kept the challenges current and up to date with current trends like ‘Do the bottle cap challenge’ and ‘Do the floss dance’. We really hope that you enjoy this free game and have strived for the highest standards possible. If you have any suggestions for improvements or features you would like to see please do not hesitate to contact us as we’d love to hear them!

So what are you waiting for? Get your friends and family together and get your game face on as its time to have some outrageous fun with the ultimate truth or dare app!

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